Amplified Directions: you must enter your Latitude-Longitude pair in only one of the four options listed.   When you have done so, click your mouse on "Find C.A.P. Grids."

You can get the Latitude-Longitude pair from any source, but GridFinder™ is designed around SARSAT hits.

Option 1: You must enter the Latitude and Longitude in WHOLE Degrees and Minutes with decimal minutes.   Example: 44 in the degrees (º) block, then 59.34 in the Minutes (') North (N) block.   LONGITUDE is entered in the same way.   Example: 92º 44.82' West (W). DO NOT ENTER A LEADING ZERO! ALSO, YOU MAY NOT ENTER ZERO MINUTES!

Option 2: In this option you enter the Latitude and Longitude in Degrees with decimals (DEGREES.deg).   Example: Latitude 44.989º N and Longitude 92.747º W.

Option 3: If you choose this format you must enter Latitude and Longitude in whole Degrees, whole Minutes, and Seconds with a decimal afterwords (if desired or needed).   Example: Latitude 44º, 59' (whole minutes) 20.4'' (decimal seconds) N and Longitude 92º 44' 49.2''W. YOU MAY NOT ENTER ZERO MINUTES OR ZERO SECONDS!

Option 4: This is similar to option 2, except instead of using West Longitude we use a minus sign-to the left, or West, of the Prime Meridian (0º Longitude) being negative.   For the Western Hemisphere, the area of the Earth that GridFinder™ covers, simply take the West Longitude and add a minus sign to get the equivalent.   In any case, enter the Latitude and Negative Longitude in Degrees with decimals.   Example: 44.989º N Longitude -92.747º DO NOT RE-ENTER THE MINUS SIGN, AS IT IS ALREADY THERE!

All Options: With this small menu you can determine which things you want to include or eliminate from your final output box, in other words, your OPTIONAL OUTPUT.   If the square next to "Maps" has a check in it (which is the default) you will view four maps of increasingly larger scale for the point you select.   This option requires a connection to the internet to function properly.   The next check box is for the simplified Grid Diagram.   This option will output a simplified grid chart of the entire Sectional with the grid that contains your point being highlighted in red.   This feature is optional because in older web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, it might take a minute or so to display the diagram.     The last check box option is "No Extras & Offline."   You can check this if you don't want to see any of the internet links, maps, or even the grid diagram.   Note, however, that even if your computer is NOT connected to the internet when your links are generated by GridFinder™, you can connect to the internet at a later time and click on the link to navigate to that desired feature.

Feel free to play around with GridFinder™.   You really can't hurt anything!


Sometimes people still have questions about GridFinder™.   We will attempt to answer as many of them as possible here in our mini FAQ (frequently asked questions).


Features of Grid Finder™ version 4.0


As Technology Progresses, these are possible future features of GridFinder:
Bearing and Distance from a known lat-long reference coordinate such as a Navaid or Airport.
Only ONE set of input boxes--computer does the rest/figures out the format or at least a reduced number of input boxes
UTM Coordinate Conversion
Show the differences between WGS84 (same as NAD83) and NAD27 Include USGS Topo Map NAME & other Map Locator functions
Include nearest place name & zip code (w/ bearing & distance to/from?)
Include nearest Sheriff's office & phone number
Make Grids for Canadian 'Sectionals.' (Visual Navigation Charts-VNCs)
Add US Protectorate (Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands) Sectionals.
Add WAC Chart info.


Known Problems with this version:
efforts are underway to resolve these problems but you can avoid them with knowledge.

GridFinder™ works best when you don't try to fool it.   That is, if you enter points outside of the continental United States you won't get complete results.   If the information that you enter is incomplete you may be required to reenter it.   You should not mix coordinate data types; you may get an erroneous result with no error indication.

For an unknown reason, GridFinder 2000 will sometimes very occaisionally give an erroneous "Javascript Error."   This is a problem with your Web Browser and most often occurs with MS Internet Explorer.   To work around the problem, execute the script again by pressing "Calculate CAP Grids."   If you get the error again, try closing the output window and THEN re-executing the program.

There are two requirements to run GridFinder™.   If you don't meet either one you should see a message similar to the two requirements below on your screen on the data entry page.  
1) You need a web browser that is capable of JavaScript 1.2 or higher (Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0+ or Netscape 3.0+).   Update you web browser with a free download from Netscape or Microsoft.
2) You need to enable Javascript using your web browser options and/or preferences.   Refer to your software's help file for specifics.

Please report any additional problems via the webmaster below.   If this help file was not helpful, we need to know that as well!

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